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Serving the Community
Rutland Regional Medical Center

by Kim J. Gifford • photos by Caleb Kenna

Publishers’ Notes
by Cassie Horner andTim Sink

Writing this with ice on the windows and almost 20 below temps makes thoughts of spring all the sweeter. In some ways the spring issue is our favorite to put together because while the winds are blustering and the snow is falling, we see through a little inside window the promise of spring flowers, sugaring, red efts on the move, and even the march of pink flamingoes (you heard it right!) around a Rutland neighborhood.

This issue also highlights a wonderful renovation of a Rutland home that was gutted to allow for a full project of renewal suited to what the family wants for optimum house enjoyment.

The image on this page comes from a vintage greeting card from the collection of writer Susan Orzell-Rantanen (see more cards in Time Travels). This style represents the warmth and color of house and garden, bringing us vicariously into a world of cottages, hollyhocks and zinnias, garden gates, bluebirds at the bird bath, bright butterflies flitting lightly, and gracefully canopied trees.

Certainly the cover of this issue celebrates spring — the beautiful bouquet of daffodils is from a garden of loveliness in Chittenden, the vase is a family “heirloom”, and the landscape just out- side hints at what is yet to come as spring ripens.

It’s fitting to end with a poem by KES student, Wilbur Abrams, III:


I hear the sap go drip, drip, drip
Clanging against the metal bucket
I pour the yellowish sap into a bucket
Picking up the bucket I head down the hill
Once at the sugarhouse we measure the sap
Pouring it into the evaporator sweet smell of syrup in my nostrils
Stepping down from the milk crate to give someone else a turn
Then, weeks later, the best part
Pouring the syrup onto pancakes and devouring them.

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