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The Heart of Florence for Kids
McLaughlin’s Store

By Jan Tower
Photos Provided by Jan Tower

This winter I was going through pictures taken, saved and passed on by several relatives in my family, both living and deceased. It was a wonder

ful trip down memory lane. One large manila envelope was full of pictures, taken by my grandmother, Edna McCullough. Many of these pictures of my father’s family I had not seen before and they were especially fun to see. Among them was a picture of McLaughlin’s Store in Florence. My grandmother had written on the back, “J. McLaughlin’s Store in Florence at the underpass of C&PRR.” Unfortunately, there was no date, but as seen in the picture, the roads were unpaved, there are buggies, and Florence was still known as Fowler.

The store was originally a company store for the employees of the Rutland Florence Marble Company. In 1911, Vermont Marble purchased the company and acquired the store along with the purchase. It was run by Vermont Marble until June of 1931 when they sold it to John McLaughlin who had been a clerk at the store. After he passed, his wife, Antoinette McLaughlin, continued to run the store until 1972 or 1973. READ THE FULL STORY

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