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Publishersí Notes:
Sharing Fall Bounty

by Cassie Horner and Tim Sink

Tim became serious about cooking when he was 25. Cassie is no slouch in the kitchen either and we love to shop, eat and cook together. We have our favorites, like Timís chocolate cake and Cassieís perfect pies. There is a saying that ďart only happens when you see it.Ē In the case of food, ask your favorite cook or chef and you will hear, itís best when you share. We like lunch and dinner out with friends, and sandwiches outdoors in local spots like our greens, parks and city streets. When we have a dinner party we try and put our best foot forward with the dishes we know everyone will enjoy. Our friends do so as well and we look forward to watching NBA games over pizza and homemade dessert in front of friendsí large flat screen.

Fall marks a change as days are shorter and our evenings move indoors, a great time to catch up with friends over a meal. Fall and food mean community dinners ó Central Vermont boasts some fine ones ó and for many people there is the fun of volunteering in the kitchen at something they donít normally get to do, baking their legend- ary apple pie, or just sitting down at a table with people you donít know well and striking up dinner conversation.

Fall in Vermont is all about fun weekend events everyone can enjoy. How about getting out on a cold Saturday morning for a cider pressing event? And there is, of course, the farm stand nearby or the local farmersí market, where you eat well while you financially sustain your neighbors.

Another way to share the bounty of fall and make a huge difference is at your local food shelf. Stuff-A-Bus is a big part of Rutlandís pride in giving. Demands are at an all-time highandhelpwithfoodanywaywe Mu can manage is always needed and Pre welcome. If you donít already know, The find out what the food shelf near youGre needs. Bags of groceries, a check of any size, even a strong back when the Vermont Foodbank truck arrives are a big help.

The fall bounty to us is all about sharing, lively conversation, and helping those in need prepare for the winter ahead. We hope this finds you ready to get out, pitch in, and share the bounty of our fall season.

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