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Publishersí Notes:
Ways to Go on Summer Excursions

by Cassie Horner and Tim Sink

Summer is excursion time! It might be staying close to home or traveling way beyond the stateís borders: camping by a pristine lake, hiking a mountain, exploring a river by kayak or canoe, visiting a museum or going to the theatre or the stock car races. The point is a vacation long or short to recharge the batteries after winter.

Back when we were kids, most families didnít travel much. And when they did, it was usually on summer vacation to a select number of spots. In Vermont, where Cassie grew up, the typical va- cation spot was the Maine or New Hampshire seashore (after all, the sea is one beautiful natural thing the state doesnít have). In Pennsylvania, where Tim was raised, the same thing was true and people sought out the seashore, usually in New Jersey or Delaware.

Last summer, we had a great excur- sion in the company of nephew and niece and their son and grandsons to Fort Ticonderoga. There was the fun of the drive there, in two cars, with merry and imaginative stories being told in the backseat by the two boys. It ranged from details about the big adventures in Call of the Wild by Jack London, a book they were reading with their dad, to a wildly funny discussion set off when Uncle Tim passed the car we were in. Once on the spacious grounds of Fort Ti on the shores of Lake Champlain, everyone headed off to explore the site after a picnic lunch.

This summer issue of the magazine is about excursions. Take Mike Leonard, for example, a ninth generation Vermonter and Millennial who is in Iceland after completing his Masters degree in Europe. Then there is Phebe Bell, in her 90s, who still travels every summer to sail on the coast of Maine. Dip back in time to the visitors from New York cities who traveled to the healing springs in Middletown Springs where they stayed in the 150-room hotel. Leap back to the present where people can hike the Carriage Trail from Rutland City to Proctor. And donít miss the chance to attend races at the Devilís Bowl Speedway!

Weíre sure you have your own special excursion places and are happy to share some of our own and those of other Vermonters with you.

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